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Very impressed! The product is fantastic and the owner and staff are wonderful. I was given many options, and never felt pushed into anything. They even met me after hours and provided a loaner to accommodate my schedule! I will definitely be returning!

Alyssa L. - Anderson

Incredible!! I got cermic pro and clear bra film installed on my new Porsche Macan. They did a wonderful job. Kyle (owner) is an amazing guy. He seemed very knowledgeable and a honest person. I liked the way they took care of minor details and final work done was incredible.

Simranjit S. - CARMEL

February 2017 I was negotiating the purchase of a black 2012 BMW 750ix with just 22,000 miles. Having previously learned my lesson with the purchase of another black 750i in Fort Myers, Florida and suffering all the road bruising from driving it back to Chicagoland I knew I wanted to get paint protection installed prior to driving the new car home. After researching the options in the Indianapolis area, I requested a quote from Clear Bra Indy for an XPEL film installation. I settled on partial frontal with a full hood and bikini sides. My schedule was tight and I needed Kyle and his crew to have the car ready the night before I flew into town. I worked things out with the Seller to drop the car off the evening before the install which was just three days before I was to fly into town to close the deal. Early the next morning Kyle contacted me and asked if I had seen the car before. I indicated that I had BMW perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection as well having seen a few internet photos, but I had not actually laid eyes on it. Kyle then expressed some concern over the investment I was about to make in the XPEL installation as the condition of the paint was not exactly in the shape that they typically would see. After viewing some pictures of the vehicle under the shop lights at Clear Bra Indy, I suddenly had serious reservations about going through with the purchase. Kyle suggested doing a test area on the hood using their paint restoration techniques to assist in making my decision. About an hour later I received another picture from Kyle with a side by side comparison of the restored and untreated area of the hood and it was night and day. With a bit more positive reinforcement from Kyle, I decided to move forward with the installation and the result, well it was like a black mirror. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Kyle and his team at Clear Bra Indy for their superior customer service and overall quality workmanship. They really had my back from start to finish and made what would of been an epic fail into a epic triumph. I give Clear Bra Indy my unqualified recommendation.

Chris C. - Tinley Park, Illinois

I was recommend by a friend to have Clear Bra Indy install their paint protection system on my new 2016 Porsche Cayenne. I met with the owner Kyle. Kyle is well inform, knowledgeable and professional as they come. I couldn't be happier with his hands on quality of skilled workmanship. I am very detail orientated Clear Bra Indy surpass all my expectations. Well done *****

Brian M. - Carmel

Kyle and his crew installed a Full hood, front bumper, both fenders, full doors and mirrors on my 2015 Mustang GT. Could not be more pleased with the outcome. Have received constant compliments on how the car looks. Kyle even took the time to come to Kokomo do some touch up. Entire crew is a class act. Thanks guys.

Neal S. - Kokomo

After having a Horrible experience with the clear bra previously installed at another dealer, Kyle Owen from Clear Bra Indy made a horrible situation perfect on my 2013 Viper. He carefully removed the old film and installed a FULL hood, fender and Bumper protection using XPEL Ultimate film. The time Kyle and Mark spent on this car was nothing short of perfection. I am in awe of their work and attention to detail. They took a horrible situation and made it perfect! Thanks Kyle, Mark and Clear Bra Indy!

Scott T. - Trafalgar

I chose XPEL and Clear Bra Indy to wrap my 2015 Lamborghini. This was the first time I've used XPEL and the first time I've gone to Clear Bra Indy. I did a lot of research prior to the decision - reading evaluations of the performance of the various films, getting recommendations from my friends in the exotic car community, and talking to a contact I had at the XPEL factory. Everyone said XPEL was the best film to use and Clear Bra Indy was the installer of choice. Kyle and his crew did not disappoint. The shop was clean, his crew was friendly, and most of all the installation was perfect. I had very high expectations; Kyle assured me he would meet them and Clear Bra Indy certainly did.

Rick S. - Carmel

Clear Bra Indy was recommended to me by a body shop that had just done some body work on my car (hail damage). I wanted to keep the new hood looking as pretty as possible. It was a simple job for Kyle to install the Xpel film on the hood. It always looks easy when you have experience and Clear Bra Indy has it. I will use them again when I have the chance. Thank you for a great job

Marshall B. - Indianapolis

I never knew Xpel existed until my uncle told me about a friend of his. He had his car done with a different protective film through another company. I had done some research and discovered Clear Bra Indy. I contacted Kyle the next morning and he took time to answer all my questions. When I asked about the other company that had a similar product, he explained the difference. Kyle's experience and professionalism is the reason why I chose Clear Bra Indy. I have not yet picked up my car but I am certain Kyle did an excellent job! I can't wait to see the finish product.

Jenny S. - Noblesville

Recently, my wife and I purchased our dream car, a brand new Corvette Stingray. We had looked around the Central Indiana area for a reliable installer of paint protection film. We contacted a few local companies and several of them left us with an uneasy feeling just based on correspondence. Then we contacted Kyle at Clear Bra Indy. The difference in professionalism and attentiveness was night and day from their competitors.

The installation of the XPEL film on our "baby" was nothing short of amazing. This is coming from someone who knows every inch of his car and thinks the car needs to be washed if there is a speck of dust on it. Looking at the results of the install, it was VERY evident that Kyle and his crew had a strong attention to detail. I can't count the number of people who have said "Where is the protective film you were talking about?" after seeing the car in person. That is how invisible it is.

Lastly, Kyle was VERY flexible working with me on my schedule. He went above and beyond allowing me to drop off and pickup my car at non-normal hours. You could tell he wanted my business and I appreciate that!

If you want to protect your car's paint (and it's value), I highly recommend Clear Bra Indy! You won't be disappointed.

Bobby K. - Fishers

October 2015: I live in New York but just drove out to Indiana to purchase a used 2011 Porsche Cayman S. The car was in exceptional condition with 5,200 miles on it and the paint was still in near perfect condition (Kyle and I only found three tiny spots on the front bumper). So naturally I wanted to protect the paint before I started my 850 mile road trip (in a Cayman S - sweet) back to New York. When I initially contacted Kyle I explained my situation and told him I needed the installation of the clear bra done ASAP because I needed to get back to NY in two days. Kyle said no problem and squeezed me into his busy schedule. Now here is where it gets interesting...Mine and Kyle's schedules didn't sync up the way we had originally planned (I was the one who had the scheduling problem) so Kyle actually did the installation of the XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra (Full Front - Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, A Pilars and Roof) on my Cayman S overnight. I was very impressed with Kyle's professionalism, dedication to get the job done, his extensive knowledge of the product and not to mention how clean and organized his shop is. When it was all said and done I received exactly what I paid for...a professional installation that looks amazing. I would highly recommend Clear Bra Indy to anyone...PERIOD. Thanks again Kyle

Dave N. - Long Island, NY

Just want to say thanks to Kyle and his team for the great job they did on my 2015 Mini Countryman. Before deciding to go with Clear Bra Indy I had already made an appointment with another company just down the road. I told this company that I wanted the hood, front bumper and mirrors done. They said they would do everything but did not suggest having the mirrors done because they have had no luck getting the Xpel product to stay on these type of mirrors due to their shape. Needless to say I got online to see who else was out there that applied the clear bra using the Xpel product and came across Kyle’s company Clear Bra Indy. After talking to Kyle on the phone I knew I wanted him and his team to do my car. He stated the mirror on the countryman are hard to do but not impossible. I ended up having them completely cover my hood, front bumper, mirrors, headlights and fog lights. Let me just say when it comes to the application of the Xpel product Kyle and his team are experts/artist in their field.

As with anything you do things happen. After about a week I noticed the Xpel product was coming up on my right mirror. So I text Kyle and sent him a picture of the mirror and asked what we should do. He was very quick to respond and had me bring the car back into the shop where he fixed the problem while I waited. As I watched him fix the mirror I could see how much pride he took in his work. Good Customer service is hard to find these days.

In conclusion these guys are the best at what they do and you won't regret having them do your car. Thanks again for the great job and I will be seeing you guys in the future.

Anson M. - Noblesville

I am an OCD German engineer, so Kyle was very gracious to control his eye rolls while we discussed every last detail of putting clear bra on my new Mustang.
My job was complicated by full-length dual vinyl stripes. We discussed at length the repercussions of combining graphic stripes with clear film. At first I planned to install the stripes myself, but Kyle was willing to make an exception and install them for me at a fair price, followed immediately by the clear film. This was a relief to me, since I have not done that before. Everything turned out perfect. I know, I checked!

He was very helpful with suggestions of which areas to cover. At my request he also added a few small pieces to protect high-wear areas, such as the door edges and cups, and trunk deck.

XPEL is considered to be the best clear film right now, but even more important is finding the most experienced and accurate installer. Kyle is The Guy.

Philip B. - Fishers

We had previously not heard about Clear Bra until my husband was talking to someone in Pennsylvania. We checked into Clear Bra at that time as we had just purchased a new car and wanted to add protection. Contact was made and Kyle and Mark arrived to put the Clear Bra on the new car. It looked great. As the other vehicle was less than a year old, we chose to add Clear Bra to the second vehicle. Both Kyle and Mark came out in the coldest weather, installed the Clear Bra and made it look as good as the new car. With the daily drive to another county, the protection concept of “self-healing” the scratches a car gets from over the road travel, Clear Bra is a good investment.

Just wanted to let everyone know what a fabulous product Clear Bra is and they have excellent installers that provide great service. The protection will keep both my Honda Pilot and his Toyota Avalon looking show room new for years.

Ethel B. - Indianapolis

I just wanted to say thanks again to Kyle & Mark at CLEAR BRA INDY for the great job they did wrapping my 2013 Corvette Grand Sport..The install was very attention to detail...you can tell they take pride in their work..I was so impressed with the Corvette job asked them to come back and install a wrap on my 2007 Big Dog chopper...again the attention to detail and results were perfect...Thanks again Kyle & Mark at CLEAR BRA INDY for the great job on both of my vehicles...and thanks XPEL for the great product!! I highly recommend CLEAR BRA INDY...

Bill F. - Indianapolis

Kyle and his team (Mark V.) are simply the best around- I watched them in action apply a complex series of pre-cut Xpel pieces to my new Macan S and the result was just outstanding! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Many Thanks to you both!

Tom C. - Carmel

The combination of the Xpel solution and Kyle's expertise are second to none. He is a perfectionist and applies the Xpel clear film with precision and care. I have had Kyle apply the Xpel Ultimate to both my car and my wife's SUV. The product itself is remarkable as I have to look really hard to see it. Bugs and road debris wipe away cleanly from the areas with the Xpel and I have had no dents or scratches on the protected areas since installation. I did need some minor touch-up 6 months after the Xpel was installed, and Kyle immediately returned my message and addressed the issue within a day and a half of my call. Service and support like that is difficult to find. I highly recommend Kyle and the Xpel product. He stands behind both the product and the quality of his work.

Sam N. - Carmel

I had XPEL put on at the Corvette Museum on a new 2014 Corvette Stingray. It had contamination underneath the plastic and they reduced the price to the museum's cost because they didn't have time to remove and replace it. We were only there for the day so there wasn't enough time to replace with their work load.

The bra had the contamination and I had it removed and replaced by a dealer on XPEL's list. It was covered under XPEL's warranty. That dealer did a poor job and also cut my paint. You read that correctly, he cut my paint on a 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Next I contacted Clear Bra Indy. I told Kyle my problem and also that I needed additional work done on the doors and rocker panels that would require the hand of an artist. XPEL paid for the bra replacement again. He goes the extra mile and does a great job. I am now satisfied.

Jerry B. - New Palestine