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See why Clear Bra Indy is Indiana's paint protection specialists.

Why Clear Bra Indy?

Since 1999, Clear Bra Indy has been offer the best paint protection film designs, customer service, and professional installations in Indiana and the midwest.

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Why Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is the most long-lasting and durable way to protect your paint. Clear Bra Indy can help you choose the right package to suit your needs.

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Why Ceramic Pro?

Looking for durability and protection while maintaining the high gloss of your finish? Consider Ceramic Pro coating provided by Clear Bra Indy.

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Welcome to Clear Bra Indy


Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film that will protect the paint against rock chips, scratches, bug staining and impact. It doesn’t take away from the beauty and is almost invisible. Paint Protection Film is the best way to keep your vehicle looking like it does right now and will look great when it comes time to replace it, which makes it more desirable and demands a higher price. Clear Bra Indy has the most experienced installers in Indiana. We can help keep your vehicle looking new.


Paint has peaks and valleys which allow dirt and wax to adhere. Ceramic Coatings ll these valleys leaving a glass smooth surface. This keeps your paint looking cleaner longer, because the dirt can’t hang on. Ceramic Coatings are hydrophobic so when it rains or you rinse with water, the droplets lift and remove the dirt away from the paint. This means less time spent cleaning it. Ceramic Coatings add permanent protection over the paint which is much harder than factory paint. The paint is more resistant to scratching, staining and fading and the best part is it’s permanent. You’ll never wax your vehicle again!

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